openGauss manages resource load to balance system resource usage for jobs.

Resource management

openGauss manages system resources, including CPU, memory, I/O, and storage resources. It allocates system resources in a proper way to prevent system efficiency deterioration or system running problems.


Control groups (Cgroups) are a mechanism provided by the Linux kernel to restrict, record, and isolate physical resources (such as CPU, memory, and I/O resources) used by process groups. Cgroups have strict restrictions on Linux system resources. If a process is added to a Cgroup, it can use only restricted resources. For details about Cgroup principles, see the product manual corresponding to your OS.

Resource pool

Resource pools are a configuration mechanism provided by openGauss to divide host resources (memory and I/O resources) and control SQL concurrency. Resource pools are bound to Cgroups. In this way, you can manage the resource loads of jobs in a specific resource pool.

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