Technical Specifications

The following table lists the technical specifications of the openGauss database.

Technical Specifications

Maximum Value

Database capacity

Varying with the OS and hardware

Size of a table

32 TB

Size of data in each row

1 GB

Size of a single field in each record

1 GB

Number of records in each table

232 x (8 KB/Row width). At the code level, a single table can contain a maximum of 232 pages, and the size of each page is 8 KB. Assume that the current data row width is 1 KB. The number of records in a single table is 232 x 8 = 235. The current page size is 8 KB, and each page contains eight rows of data.

Number of columns in each table

250 to 1600 (varying with the field type)

Number of indexes in each table


Number of columns contained in a composite index


Database name length


Object name length (excluding the database name)


Number of constraints in each table


Number of concurrent connections


Number of partitions in a partitioned table

32767 (range partition)/64 (hash/list partition)

Size of each partition in a partitioned table

32 TB

Number of records in each partition of a partitioned table


Maximum LOB capacity

(1 GB – 8203) B

Maximum length of SQL text

1048576 B

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