Product Positioning

openGauss is an HA rational database that supports the SQL2003 standard and primary/standby deployment.

  • Multiple storage modes support composite service scenarios. The in-place update storage engine is introduced.
  • The NUMA data structure supports high performance.
  • HA is supported by primary/standby mode and cyclic redundancy check (CRC).
  • Security features are supported, such as fully-encrypted computing and ledger database, to provide comprehensive end-to-end data security protection.
  • The Table Access Method interface layer supports multiple storage engines.

openGauss is a multi-core-oriented open-source relational database that provides ultimate performance, full-link service and data security, AI-based tuning, and efficient O&M capabilities. This leading database at enterprise level is developed in collaboration with global partners and is released under the Mulan Permissive Software License v2. openGauss deeply integrates Huawei's years of R&D experience in the database field and continuously builds competitive features based on enterprise-level scenario requirements.

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