CREATE CLIENT MASTER KEY creates a CMK object that can be used to encrypt a CEK object.


This syntax is specific to a fully-encrypted database.

When using gsql to connect to a database server, you need to use the -C parameter to enable the fully-encrypted database.

In the CMK object created using this syntax, only the method for reading keys from independent key management tools, services, or components is stored. The key itself is not stored.

NOTE: In the Lite scenario, openGauss provides this syntax, but encrypted database-related functions are unavailable.


CREATE CLIENT MASTER KEY client_master_key_name WITH (KEY_STORE = key_store_name, KEY_PATH = "key_path_value", ALGORITHM = algorithm_type)

Parameter Description

  • client_master_key_name

    This parameter is used as the name of a key object. In the same namespace, the value of this parameter must be unique.

    Value range: a string. It must comply with the identifier naming convention.


    Specifies the key tool or component that manages CMKs. Currently, only localkms is supported.


    KEY_STORE manages multiple CMKs. The KEY_PATH option is used to uniquely identify a CMK in KEY_STORE. The value is similar to that of key_path_value.


    Type of the encryption algorithm used to encrypt CEKs. Value range: RSA_2048, RSA_3072, and SM2.

    NOTE: Key storage path: By default, localkms generates, reads, or deletes a key file in the $LOCALKMS_FILE_PATH path. You can manually configure this environment variable. However, you do not need to configure this environment variable separately. When failing to obtain $LOCALKMS_FILE_PATH, localkms attempts to obtain the $GAUSSHOME/etc/localkms/ path. If the path exists, it is used as the key storage path. Key-related file name: When the CREATE CMK syntax is used, localkms creates four files related to key paths. For example, when KEY_PATH is set to key_path_value, the names of the four files are,, key_path_value.priv, and key_path_value.priv.rand. Therefore, to successfully create key-related files, ensure that no file with the same name as the key-related files exists in the key path.


-- (1) Use the common account alice to connect to the fully-encrypted database.
[cmd] gsql -U alice -h $host -p $port -d $database -C -r

-- (2) Use this syntax to create a CMK object.
openGauss=> CREATE CLIENT MASTER KEY a_cmk WITH (KEY_STORE = localkms, KEY_PATH = "key_path_value", ALGORITHM = RSA_2048);
openGauss=> CREATE CLIENT MASTER KEY another_cmk WITH (KEY_STORE = localkms, KEY_PATH = "another_path_value", ALGORITHM = SM2);
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