OpenGauss Client Tool DataStudio


You can obtain the installation package of DataStudio from the openGauss official website or obtain the source code from Gitee and compile by yourself.


DataStudio is a universal and integrated development environment for developers and database administrators. It simplifies the development and management of openGauss databases.

DataStudio allows database developers to:

  • Manage and create database objects.
  • Run SQL statements or SQL scripts.
  • Edit and run PL/SQL statements.
  • Import and export table data.


As a client software used with openGauss databases (currently, only openGauss is supported), DataStudio helps database developers easily develop applications and provides key database features on the GUI. The tool makes database inclusive and improves user loyalty.


Start DataStudio on Windows and you can remotely connect to openGauss and perform the following operations:

  • Connect to the openGauss database over an integrated GUI-based development environment.
  • Efficiently develop SQL.
  • Manage or create database objects (databases, schemas, functions, stored procedures, tables, sequences, columns, indexes, constraints, views, users, roles, and tablespaces).
  • Run SQL statements or SQL scripts.
  • Create and execute a stored procedure.
  • Add, delete, modify, and query table data.
  • Import and export table data.
  • Display and export DDL data.
  • Import and export connection information.
  • Format SQL statements.
  • View SQL execution history.
  • Display the execution plan and ER diagram.




  • Supports Windows OS.
  • Supports JDK 11 or later versions.


Currently, only openGauss is supported.

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