Obtaining openGauss Resources

openGauss provides online resources that contain a lot of useful information, such as common syntaxes, descriptions, and examples. If you encounter any problem when using the database, you are advised to search for solutions on our website. In addition, you can communicate with openGauss users about your problems through the open source community or emails.

Our Website

Our openGauss website provides information about openGauss download, documents, open source community, certification, knowledge graph, security, and activities.

  • Download: You can download the openGauss software package, connection tools, and support tools. The panorama of openGauss support tools is provided.
  • Docs: describe the openGauss database, including the legal statement, release notes, product description, technical white paper, compilation guide, quick start, installation guide, administrator guide, developer guide, and tool reference. These documents also describe the architecture, functions, features, and usage of openGauss. A large number of examples are provided in the documents for your reference.
  • Community: shows how to contribute to the open source community, as well as the community organization structure, and online communication methods.
  • Connect: helps users tune in news, activities, videos, summits, and blogs related to openGauss.
  • Certification: introduces the openGauss certification system and serves an entry for querying training information and certificates.
  • Security: introduces the vulnerability management process of openGauss and releases security notices and CVEs.
  • Code: Gitee and Github community entries.
  • Knowledge: provides a knowledge graph of openGauss cluster management, database tools, database kernel, and database driver.

openGauss Community

openGauss has opened the database source code and an openGauss community has been established. openGauss encourages users to contribute to and cooperate with the community, hoping to jointly build an enterprise-level open-source database community that can integrate diversified technical architectures.

The openGauss community is organized based on different Special Interest Groups (SIGs) to better manage and improve the work process. SIGs are open to everyone to make contributions. Each SIG has one or more code repositories on the Gitee platform. You can commit issues, participate in issue discussions, pull requests, and review code in the code repository of an SIG. Table 1 lists common SIGs. You can find the SIGs that you are interested in from the SIG list. For details about how to contribute to the community, see Contribution.

Table 1 Common SIGs in the openGauss community


Scope of Responsibilities


Develops and maintains the SQL engine of the openGauss community.


Develops and maintains the storage engine of the openGauss community.


Develops and maintains connectors of the openGauss community.


Develops and maintains openGauss community tools.


Develops and maintains openGauss community documents.


Develops and maintains the infrastructure of the openGauss community.


Develops and maintains the security of the openGauss community.


Develops and maintains openGauss installation and deployment.


Develops and maintains openGauss IoT.

In-place Update

Develops and maintains the in-place update engine of the openGauss community.


Develops and maintains AI in the openGauss community.


Develops and maintains the geographic information system of the openGauss community.


Develops and maintains the cloud native direction of the openGauss community.


Develops and maintains database security technologies of the openGauss community.


Defines and develops the certification process and test suites for the openGauss release.


Plans, manages, and develops the openGauss plug-in mechanism.


Discusses the blockchain service scenarios and studies the core blockchain technical issues.


Develops and maintains the DCF of the openGauss community.


Develops and maintains the version quality of the openGauss community.


Manages knowledge graph data for unified storage and query in the openGauss community.


openGauss provides a blog section, where users can exchange their problems and experience during the use of openGauss. If you encounter any problem, you can also search for other users' solutions. Or, post blogs to share your experience with other users, helping them solve problems.

Mailing List

The openGauss community uses the mailing list for online communication. We sincerely invite you to participate indiscussions through the mailing list. For details, see Communication.

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