SQL can rename a table or a column. The name is the alias of the table or the column. Aliases are created to improve the readability of table names or column names. In SQL, AS is used to create an alias.


  • Column alias syntax

    { * | [column [ AS ] output_name, ...] }
    [ FROM from_item [, ...] ]
    [ WHERE condition ];
  • Table alias syntax

    SELECT column1, column2.... 
    FROM table_name AS output_name 
    WHERE [condition];

Parameter Description

  • output_name

    You may use the AS output_name clause to give an alias for an output column. The alias is used for displaying the output column. The name, value, and type keywords can be used as column aliases.


Use C to indicate the alias of the customer_t1 table to query data in the table.

openGauss=# SELECT c.c_first_name,c.amount FROM customer_t1 AS c;
 c_first_name | amount
 Grace        |   1000
 Grace        |
 Joes         |   2200
 James        |   5000
 Local        |   3000
 Lily         |   1000
 Lily         |   2000
(8 rows)
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    openGauss 2024-04-21 00:47:23