Verifying the Installation

Use the gs_checkos tool provided by openGauss to check the OS status.


  • The hardware and network are working properly.
  • The trust relationship of user root among the hosts is normal.
  • Only user root is authorized to run the gs_checkos command.


  1. Log in to a server as user root.

  2. Run the following command to check OS parameters of servers where the openGauss nodes are deployed:

    gs_checkos -i A

    Check the OS parameters to ensure that the openGauss has passed the pre-installation check and can efficiently operate after it is installed. For details about the check items, see “gs_checkos” in the Tool Reference.


Before running the gs_checkos command, execute the gs_preinstall script to prepare the environment. The following uses parameter A as an example:

gs_checkos -i A
Checking items:
    A1. [ OS version status ]                                   : Normal
    A2. [ Kernel version status ]                               : Normal
    A3. [ Unicode status ]                                      : Normal
    A4. [ Time zone status ]                                    : Normal
    A5. [ Swap memory status ]                                  : Normal
    A6. [ System control parameters status ]                    : Normal
    A7. [ File system configuration status ]                    : Normal
    A8. [ Disk configuration status ]                           : Normal
    A9. [ Pre-read block size status ]                          : Normal
    A10.[ IO scheduler status ]                                 : Normal
    A11.[ Network card configuration status ]                   : Normal
    A12.[ Time consistency status ]                             : Warning
    A13.[ Firewall service status ]                             : Normal
    A14.[ THP service status ]                                  : Normal
Total numbers:14. Abnormal numbers:0. Warning number:1.

The following uses parameter B as an example:

gs_checkos -i B
Setting items:
    B1. [ Set system control parameters ]                       : Normal
    B2. [ Set file system configuration value ]                 : Normal
    B3. [ Set pre-read block size value ]                       : Normal
    B4. [ Set IO scheduler value ]                              : Normal
    B5. [ Set network card configuration value ]                : Normal
    B6. [ Set THP service ]                                     : Normal
    B7. [ Set RemoveIPC value ]                                 : Normal
Total numbers:6. Abnormal numbers:0. Warning number:0.
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