Installing the openGauss

  • Creating an XML Configuration File
    Before installing the openGauss, you need to create the clusterconfig.xml file. The clusterconfig.xml file contains the information about the server where the openGauss is deployed, installation path, IP address, and port number. This file is used to guide how to deploy the openGauss. You need to configure the XML configuration file according to the actual deployment requirements.

  • Initializing the Installation Environment
    To ensure the correct installation of the openGauss, you need to configure the host environment first.

  • Executing Installation
    After the openGauss installation environment is prepared by executing the pre-installation script, deploy openGauss based on the installation process.

  • Initializing the Database

  • (Optional) Setting the Standby Node to Readable
    Readable standby node is an optional feature. You need to modify the configuration parameters and restart the primary and standby nodes before using this feature. After the readable standby node function is enabled, the standby node is readable, meeting data consistency requirements.

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