MOT Results – Summary

MOT provides higher performance than disk-tables by a factor of 2.5x to 4.1x and reaches 4.8 million tpmC on ARM/Kunpeng-based servers with 256 cores. The results clearly demonstrate MOT's exceptional ability to scale-up and utilize all hardware resources. Performance jumps as the quantity of CPU sockets and server cores increases.

MOT delivers up to 30,000 tpmC/core on ARM/Kunpeng-based servers and up to 40,000 tpmC/core on x86-based servers.

Due to a more efficient durability mechanism, in MOT the replication overhead of a Primary/Secondary High Availability scenario is 7% on ARM/Kunpeng and 2% on x86 servers, as opposed to the overhead in disk tables of 20% on ARM/Kunpeng and 15% on x86 servers.

Finally, MOT delivers 2.5x lower latency, with TPC-C transaction response times of 2 to 7 times faster.

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