Basic Features


openGauss is a standalone database. It has the basic features of relational databases as well as enhanced features.


  • Standard SQLs

    Supports SQL92, SQL99, SQL2003, and SQL2011 standards, GBK and UTF-8 character sets, SQL standard functions and analytic functions, and SQL Procedural Language.

  • Database storage management

    Supports tablespaces where different tables can be stored in different locations.

  • Primary/standby deployment

    Supports the ACID properties, single-node fault recoveries, primary/standby data synchronization, and primary/standby switchover.

  • APIs

    Supports standard JDBC 4.0 and ODBC 3.5.

  • Management tools

    Provides installation and deployment tools, instance start and stop tools, and backup and restoration tools.

  • Security management

    Supports SSL network connections, user permission management, password management, security auditing, and other functions, to ensure data security at the management, application, system, and network layers.

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