Installation Overview

openGauss can be deployed in standalone or in standalone HA mode. In standalone mode, multiple database instances can be deployed on a single host. However, this mode is not recommended for data security purposes. In the standalone HA deployment mode, one primary server and at least one standby server are supported, and a maximum of four standby servers are supported.

Both of the standalone deployment and standalone HA deployment support a simple mode and a compatible mode. In simple mode, you can install an openGauss database and use it properly. The compatible mode is an enhancement of the simple mode. After compatible packages are installed, openGauss offers compatibility with the API names of mainstream databases.

NOTE: When the openGauss provides scripts for installation, only one database system can be deployed on a single physical machine. If you need to deploy multiple database systems on a single physical machine, you are advised to install the database systems using the CLI instead of using the installation script provided by the openGauss.

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