Tool Overview

openGauss provides client and server applications (tools) to help users better maintain openGauss. Table 1 lists all the tools provided by openGauss. The tools are stored in $GPHOME/script and $GAUSSHOME/bin where database servers are installed.

Table 1 Tool overview




Client tool


gsql is a database connection tool provided by openGauss and runs in the command-line interface (CLI). Users can use gsql to connect to a server and perform operations and maintenance on the server. In addition to basic functions for performing operations on a database, gsql provides multiple Advanced Features for users.

Server tool


gs_check has been enhanced to unify functions of various check tools, such as gs_check and gs_checkos. It helps users fully check openGauss runtime, OS, network, and database running environments; as well as perform comprehensive checks on various environments before major operations in openGauss, ensuring smooth operation.


gs_checkos checks OS information, control parameters, and disk configurations, and configures control parameters, I/O parameters, network parameters, and THP services.


gs_checkperf routinely checks openGauss-level performance (host CPU, Gauss GPU, and I/O usage), node-level performance (CPU, memory, and I/O usage), session-/process-level performance (CPU, memory, and I/O usage), and SSD performance (read and write performance). It provides openGauss load information for users so that they can fine-tune database performance accordingly.


When openGauss is faulty, gs_collector collects OS information, log information, and configuration file information to locate the fault.


gs_dump exports database information. It can export complete, consistent data of database objects (such as databases, schemas, tables, and views) without affecting the normal access of users to the databases.


gs_dumpall exports database information. It can export complete, consistent data of openGauss database objects without affecting the normal access of users to the database.


gs_guc is used to set parameters in openGauss configuration files (postgresql.conf or pg_hba.conf). The default parameter values in a configuration file are consistent with those for a standalone database.


gs_om, provided by openGauss, helps you maintain openGauss, including starting and stopping openGauss, querying the openGauss status, generating static configuration files, updating dynamic configuration files, replacing SSL certificates, starting and stopping Kerberos authentication, and showing help information and version numbers.


gs_restore, provided by openGauss, is used to import data that was exported using gs_dump. It can also be used to import files exported by gs_dump.


gs_ssh, provided by openGauss, helps users run the same command on multiple nodes in openGauss.

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