Risky Operations

Perform operations strictly following instructions provided in the guide. Do not perform the following risky operations.

Table 1 describes forbidden operations during routine O&M.

Table 1 Forbidden operations

Forbidden Operation


Modify the file name, permission, or content, or delete any content in the data directory.

Serious errors occur on DNs and cannot be fixed.

Delete database system catalogs or their data.

Service operations cannot be properly performed.

Table 2 describes risky operations during routine O&M.

Table 2 Risky operations


Risky Operation


Risk Level

Preventive Measure

Check Item


Open a configuration file and manually modify the port number.

The database fails to be started or connected.


Use the required tool to modify the port number.


Incautiously modify the content of the pg_hba.conf file.

The client fails to be connected.


Strictly follow the instructions provided in product documentation while you modify this file.


Manually modify the pg_xlog file.

Database startup fails and data becomes inconsistent.


Use the required tool to modify this file.



Run the kill -9 command to terminate a job process.

System resources occupied by this job cannot be released.


Log in to the database and use the pg_terminate_backend or pg_cancel_backend function to terminate the job, or press Ctrl+C to terminate the job process.

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